This may sound redundant, but many people do not understand that nothing is forever. A system is no better than the service it receives.

We pride ourselves on our service capabilities. We dispatch out factory trained, union servicemen in radio equipped trucks utilizing the latest in technology. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service for your comfort and convenience.
You can be assured that we have the service capabilities to protect your investment and keep it working for you.

SERVICE CONTRACTING – another opportunity to protect your investment without having to worry about it!

Our Maintenance Contract Manager will quote you a contract pertaining to your specific equipment. This contract will include service of your equipment up to four times a year, depending on the specific needs of the equipment. Maintenance during this time will take place during normal service hours. Our dispatcher will notify you before sending a service technician. The technician will then leave a copy of the service ticket with the appropriate person, stating any procedures, normal or not, that were administered to your equipment. This plan also allows you to be places on our PRIORITY list during the “rush” season.

Under this contract, your normal warranties will not be affected, and normal service, along with emergency 24 hour service, will be administered as required.